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Everyone loves to relax in the sunlight sitting on a porch during the winters? At Sky Star Roofing, our team of back porch builders hold hands-on experience in constructing beautiful porches that can turn out to be an exciting sitting place with family and friends.

Our Brampton back porches and roof additions are fully customizable and available in a wide range of design options to choose from. We work with you to provide a porch that suits your needs.

Reliable Back Porch Roof Contractors in Brampton At Your Service

To provide a shady sitting spot in your backyard, opt for porch roof addition. Without a roof, a back porch can turn out to be too hot to sit. Our roofers in Brampton can add a roof or porch enclosure that will not only look beautiful but also keep you and your loved ones cool and relaxed during hot days.

From simple roofs to awning, we can do anything you want to transform your back porch. Our team works tirelessly to give you the perfect porch roof that you’ve always wanted.

Till date, we have completed countless custom porches for our customers using only the finest quality of materials and equipment. Our team listens to your requirement, discuss the design options, work on your ideas and discuss the feedback to make sure the resultant porch exceeds your expectations in the long run.

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