About Us

Trusted Roofing Contractor in Brampton

We specialize in providing roofing solutions to new and existing residential and commercial projects. Over the years we have established as a premier roofing contractor in Brampton providing roof repair, roof installation, shingle roof replacement, and gutter installation services. In addition to roofing projects, we assist clients in making the right choice for enhancing the appeal of the house.

We’ve become Brampton’s most popular roofing services by catering to the roofing needs of homeowners and business owners. We provide free estimates for new roofs and replacements after taking on-site measurements of the site.

The Right Equipment

We use the latest equipment even to install roofs in hard-to-reach areas, and complete every work on time. The professionals keep a check on the new roofing options to provide the best solution to the clients.

Licensed Professionals

We have licensed roofers who do every job following the safety standards. Our workmanship and service standards and quality make us the best roofers of the Brampton offering quality roofing services in a budget.

So, Why Choose Us?

Sky Star Roofing is renowned for its quality roofing service and workmanship. We have done complicated custom roofing projects for various industries and helped them to make maximum use of the place and maintain an optimum temperature inside. We always look forward to fulfilling the residential or commercial roofing needs of every client within a budget.

Our exceptional quality inspection and maintenance roofing services make us the first choice for residential and commercial customers. After proper planning, we install a roof to enhance the beauty of your home and protect your property. We’re committed to install a high-quality roof in every style of a residential and commercial building. We offer roof options that will best fit your needs and last for years.

Give us a call if you’re looking for reliable roofing options in Brampton.